Arvind Kejriwal Responds to CBI's 56 Questions

On Sunday, the CBI questioned Arvind Kejriwal for almost nine hours about the liquor policy. Investigators said he was being questioned as a possible witness in this case. The case involved corruption, according to the investigators. So far, he has not been called to the central agency for further questions.
"The CBI has asked Kejriwal 56 questions in total." All is fake. The case is fake. "I am sure they have nothing on us. Not a single piece of evidence," Kejriwal said to reporters when he returned home from CBI headquarters in central Delhi near Lodhi Road.
Manish Sisodia's former deputy, Mr. Kejriwal, who held the Excise Portfolio, was arrested in the same case last month.
The CBI had asked me to answer all questions starting in 2020, when the alcohol policy was implemented, and ending with the last question. Mr. Kejriwal added that he would discuss the issue further at the special session of the Delhi Assembly called by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today.
"This case against the liquor policy is a fabrication, a lie. Honesty is the basis of our philosophy. Honesty is our ideology. All of this is done to discredit us and the good work we do in development. They are trying to destroy us because we have become a national political party.
News agency ANI reported citing sources, that while Mr. Kejriwal's questioning by the CBI was underway, the AAP called a meeting of its senior leaders to discuss the possibility of his arrest.
The Delhi Police detained AAP leaders Raghav Chadha, Sanjaya Singh, and others for protesting outside the CBI office. As soon as Mr. Kejriwal left, they were released.
A Kejriwal phobia is a problem for the BJP. Kejriwal is the reason why the BJP took such a step. This is a cowardly action. "We are not afraid of prison," said Mr. Chadha.
The CBI said that Mr. Sisodia's then secretary told investigators the draft alcohol policy was given to him by the now-arrested leader in March 2021 at Mr. Kejriwal's home.
C Arvind has made the statement in front of a magistrate. This makes it admissible as evidence. The CBI was interested in Mr. Kejriwal's statement about the meeting because it allegedly occurred at his house.
After Anil Baijal ordered an investigation, the then lieutenant governor of Delhi, the Delhi Government, cleared the excise policy. After being delayed twice, the clearance was finally granted. The CBI is trying to discover why. Less than a year after introducing the new policy, Delhi's government scrapped it in July 2022 and returned to the previous policy.