China renames 11 places of Arunachal Pradesh state, calls it 'Southern Tibet'; India gives befitting reply

China's repeated aggression on the Indo-Sino border has been in the news and general public discussion over the past few years. There have been many talks between the Indian and Chinese Officials on Military and diplomatic levels, but China has continued with its aggression on the Indo-Sino border and does not show any sign of deterrence. In addition, a new move has come to light related to Arunachal Pradesh; now, China has renamed 11 places of the northeast state of India and called it a part of South Tibet. The move marked a sharp reaction from India. Though there have been many warnings and calls for de-escalation from the Indian side, but China has not taken any peace plan so far. China has renamed 11 places belonging to Arunachal Pradesh state with the Arunachal Pradesh map, calling it 'Southern Tibet.'
China released the first new name batch of 6 places in the year 2017, and the second batch was announced consisting of 15 places names in 2021. The names were standardized in Chinese, Tibetan, and Pinyin characters, following the regulations on geographical names issued by the State Council, China's cabinet.
In the recent move, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs released the third set of names for 11 places that also fall in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, which China refers to as "Zangnan, the southern region of Tibet," state-run Global Times reported on Monday.
The Global Times quoted Chinese analysts as saying that the announcement of new names is a legitimate move and China's sovereign right to standardize geographical names. The action drew strong reactions from New Delhi, which has declared that Arunachal Pradesh, the North Eastern part of India, has "always been" and will "always be" an inalienable and integral part of India and that assigning "invented new names does not alter the fact.
"We (India) have seen such reports. This is not the 1st time China has made such an attempt. We reject this outright. Arunachal Pradesh is an inalienable, integral part of India. Endeavors to assign new names will not change this reality," Arindam Bagchi, India's Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, said in a statement. Through these illegal and threatening moves, China is trying to take India under pressure and wants to crush it as it sees India as an emerging power in the world and a potential competitor.
China's latest move on renaming the places of India's North East region State - Arunachal Pradesh, comes days ahead of the planned visit of China's newly appointed Minister of Defense - General Li Shangfu, to India. General Li Shangfu is likely to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Defence Ministers' meetings shortly in India. China's Foreign Minister - Qin Gang, will also be attending the SCO meeting of SCO foreign ministers in May, as India currently holds the group's presidency. And Most Importantly, Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to visit India for the SCO summit in July. Indeed, it is time for India to intensely discuss these concerns with the Chinese and must end this fear of war or aggression from China's end.