BRS on the way to Hattrick by winning Telangana for 3rd time in a row

The Telangana's ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) remains the people's favorite party in pre-poll survey reports in Telangana. The BRS continued to stay in the lead, much ahead of rival parties such as Congress and BJP in Telangana. In the latest Sentiment Study Report furnished by Mission Chanakya, the BRS secured a promising 44.62 percent votes.

The Congress was a distant second, scoring 32.71 percent votes, though this marked a slight improvement from the last survey result with 28.19 percent. The BJP, on the other hand, managed only 17.6 percent, a dip from the 22.7 percent recorded previously.

The BRS's appeal appears particularly strong among female voters, with 50.32 percent of Telangana females indicating their support for BRS, in contrast to 38.91 percent of male voters.

BRS Win in 2023

The Congress garnered 31.65 percent of women's vote share and 33.76 percent among male voters, while the BJP secured 15.05 percent of women's votes and 20.14 percent of men.

The Telangana's ruling BRS has bagged many good titles for Telangana since it took over power in 2014. The people of Telangana are likely to vote for a 3rd straight term for BRS for the massive development they have managed to bring to the state of Telangana, which has made headlines across the mainstream media multiple times.

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