About Us


IntelliSense Solutions aims to Connect Political Candidates and Political Parties to Parliament, Assembly Constituencies, and Municipal Corporations. It is a South India-based Political Consulting firm facilitating the Election Management and Good Governance Process with its exclusive Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (M.L.) based Hi-Tech tools for Political Candidates, Young Leaders, Ministers, Members of Parliament (M.P.), Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLA), Civil Society Groups, NGOs, Government, and independent organizations.

IntelliSense Solutions is India's leading Political Consultants-specialized in Hi-Technology based Political Data and Management, Field Survey and Research, Communication and Strategy, Campaign Management, Digital/Social Media Management, and Personal Branding.
The main objective is to bridge the gap between the Voter & the Leader by providing in-depth insights about the constituency & the sentiments of the constituents.

With our experience in Election and Campaign Management, we facilitate you in managing your Campaign considering the Cost, Manpower, and many other factors, thus enabling you to a practical and cost-worthy campaign. IntelliSense Solutions is also a center of excellence for Political Studies and Analysis. We believe and feel proud of our core values of "integrity and loyalty" towards our clients.

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