KTR speaks on several political issues
in Kunal Kamra's show

In a recent exclusive interview with famous Hindi stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra, Telangana Minister and BRS working president KTR briefly spotlighted his 17-year of political journey. He openly expressed his views on several political topics, such as 33 percent reservation for women, friendship with AIMIM, and the Disha case, among other issues.
Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, called KTR, said that during the Telangana movement, his father, KCR resigned from his Lok Sabha membership, and KTR was in the US and came to Hyderabad without telling anyone. He joined his father's Telangana movement in making the Telangana dream a success.
Comedian Kunal Kamra asked KTR about Supreme Court-appointed Commission's order in the Disha case, to which KTR replied that if the SC commission has stated it was a wrong move, it is wrong.
Mr. KTR questioned during the interview why human rights activists don't talk about 'human beasts' who rape minors in the most brutal ways. "We are only talking about one incident that took place in 2019, but in the last 9 years, we have also punished many criminals according to the applicable law. Now the whole system has gone under the control of the Center," KTR said in defense of the Disha case question.
KTR said that he also wants a 33 percent reservation for women in the State Assembly, and if required, he is ready to leave his assembly seat for a woman official. When Kamra asked a question to KTR over the BRS' friendship or indirect alliance with the AIMIM and how they are accused of indulging in communal politics similar to the ruling BJP, KTR replied that every party has its policies and way of working. The BRS and the Majlis have their own opinions. However, he disagrees that Mr. Owaisi's party is instrumental in dividing Muslim votes.